Snoreless Pillow

Why Do People Snore

Snoring is a common problem that affects many individuals, with around 30% of middle aged men and women suffering from the condition. While snoring is not necessarily a sign of something more serious going on in your body, the disrupted sleep for both you and your partner can cause unwanted side effects such as headaches, excessive tiredness, and even impaired concentration. Whether you have a full-time job, are a full-time student, or find yourself constantly on the go, a lack of adequate sleep caused by snoring is preventable.

Snoring is caused when the passageway in your throat narrows and the ‘walls’ begin to vibrate as you breathe. As your airway becomes narrower, the air passing through is more constricted and the vibration sounds increase. This restricted airway can be caused by a number of factors like age, sleeping position, and even respiratory infections. Additionally, weight can also have a negative impact on your sleeping patterns, with obese and overweight individuals experiencing an increased risk of snoring – this is especially true in women.

Do I Have to Live with Snoring?

While snoring is not necessarily a life-threatening condition, it can make a restful night’s sleep for you and your partner nearly impossible. There are many sleep aids and home remedies available for treating snoring and its negative side effects. One of the more popular products on the market today are anti-snore pillows. While there are different brands available, they all work on much the same premise: in order to lessen or prevent snoring you must remove any restrictions to the airway while sleeping. This is usually accomplished by aligning the head, neck, and shoulders through the design of the pillow.

With a straight forward solution to the problem of snoring comes one problem: with so many snoreless pillows on the market, how do I choose the one best suited for my body and severity of snoring? While it is always important to thoroughly research and review a wide number of products before purchasing, we will be providing a review today on the most popular brand of anti-snore pillows on the market: the Snoreless Pillow.

The Snoreless Anti Snoring Pillow: A Review

The Snoreless pillow has been around for over six years and has gained popularity online with sufferers of snoring. At $89.97 a piece they do not come cheap, but there is a lot of promise packaged into the price tag. Not only are all pillows made with quality materials, they come in a variety of sizes making them customizable to your height and build. Additionally, the air compartment inside of the Snoreless pillow allows you to inflate and deflate the pillow according to your desired level. While other similar products come in a one-size fits all style, the Snoreless pillow provides specialized support for your head, neck, and shoulders as you sleep.

Another benefit of the Snoreless anti snoring pillow is the elevation provided for your head while sleeping. Research has shown that resting with your head in line with the rest of your body can have negative effects on your sleep. These affects can range from a stiff neck and sore muscles to increased coughing and chest pains, particularly for sufferers of acid reflux. By elevating your head and throat above your feet, you are helping your body to prevent the flow of stomach acids into your esophagus. Not only can this be painful to experience and a disrupter to your sleep, the stomach acid has the potential to cause serious damage to your esophagus. The Snoreless snore pillow provides support for your airway while having the added benefit of greatly reducing the causes of acid reflux as you sleep.

The Snoreless pillow is also a great solution to your snoring problems in that it does not require surgery or pose any potential health risk as some other products on the market do. Recently, some have been seeking to lessen the risk of snoring by using solutions such as tongue-retaining and jaw-holding devices. While these could potentially help with opening the passageway in your throat, sleeping with these devices comes with an inherent choking hazard. Additionally, sleeping with these devices in your mouth would take some serious getting used to. Before you become accustomed to the device, it could potentially disrupt your sleeping pattern even further before it can reduce your snoring. You would have reduced one problem only to potentially add another.

Despite the clear merits of this product, there has been some question about the effectiveness of the Snoreless pillow. Some state that the pillow does not live up to its promise for one simple reason: the design of the pillow caters only to those who sleep on their sides. While we all have different positions that feel most natural when sleeping, choosing to sleep on your back greatly increases your risk of snoring. The worst position to sleep in for those who routinely snore, sleeping on your back can also agitate your lower back causing pain, especially for those with pre-existing lower back issues. Sleeping on your side, however, greatly reduces the risk for snoring by helping to open the airway in your throat.

The Snoreless Pillow: A Final Verdict

If you or your partner suffer from snoring, investing in the Snoreless pillow will not be a purchase you regret. With its unique and ergonomic design, the Snoreless pillow is not only customizable but made with materials that are built to last. As someone who has family members with severe snoring problems, I would not hesitate to recommend the Snoreless pillow as a solution to their troubled sleeping. Not only will you be able to experience a restful night’s sleep, the increased energy and concentration you’ll experience throughout the day is more than worth the price you will pay for this ingenious pillow.

With the promise of a seven-year warrantee, this is also a product that you can trust to work for the duration of the pillow’s life (especially considering that traditional pillows should ideally be replaced every three years).

If you’re ready for increased energy for both you and your partner, you can go online to order your custom Snoreless pillow today.